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How is Google Fiber Doing?

May 1, 2014

Cities Meet Google Fiber Deadline, but ‘Loose Ends’ Remain

Thirty-four cities meet a key Google Fiber deadline.

That according to Alistair Barr writing for The WSJ.D:


Google Fiber Status Alistair Barr WSJ

Credit: Google and The WSJ.D


Barr says Fiber is complicated:

“Among other things, Google needs to buy or lease land for its Fiber huts, which are larger than 1,000 square feet, and finalize those license agreements with several cities. It’s seeking to streamline permitting processes for thousands of permit applications. And it needs video-franchise agreements with the city or state, giving it permission to build a local network.”

Investors watch closely:

“The complicated process has sparked concern on Wall Street that Google may spend too much on Fiber and generate small returns on the investment.”


GOOGL Class A stock

GOOGL Class A shares bounce after fall to $511


Google’s stock has drifted lower since an unusual stock split in April.

Proof that Google Fiber is not a good investment?

The market will weigh in over time.

Google’s got time … and capital.

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Bezos’s Amazon: Your Info, The CIA…Drones

December 1, 2013

Jeff Bezos Looks to The Future

CBS Correspondent Charlie Rose and Producer Draggan Mihailovich explore what’s next for Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer.

One thing, drones:

“Jeff Bezos: Half hour delivery/and we can carry objects, we think, up to five pounds, which covers 86 percent of the items that we deliver.”

So, Amazon secures CIA work, IT contracts, vast supply networks, some 225-million customers and a cloud of personal information.

Next? Drones.

Amazon’s Drone Prototypes. Screen Capture: CBS 

In R&D, Amazon’s drones are more than on the horizon.

Bezos’s plans call that they arrive in neighborhoods near you soon.

One pizza delivered with mine, please.

New Space

November 24, 2013

Flights of fancy may launch the industry’s future

“Old” space, Joel Achenbach, The Washington Post:

“Old Space (and this is still the dreamers talking) is slow, bureaucratic, government-directed, completely top-down. Old Space is NASA, cautious and halting, supervising every project down to the last thousand-dollar widget. Old Space is Boeing, Lockheed, Northrop Grumman. Old Space coasts on the glory of the Apollo era and isn’t entirely sure what to do next.”

 “New” space, quoting reporter Achenbach:

“New Space is the opposite of all that. It’s wild. It’s commercial, bootstrapping, imaginative, right up to the point of being (and this is no longer the dreamers talking) delusional.”

The Falcon 9: 

Photo Credit: SpaceX, Sept. 29, 2013

Quoting +Elon Musk:

“We’re either going to be on Earth forever until some extinction event claims us, or we’re going to be a multi-planet species, out there exploring the stars.”

Honor old space.

Chase new space.

Technology leadership invigorates.

As does the promise of new exploration.

Google’s Secret Flying Car?

November 21, 2013

Photos emerge of strange aircraft, similar to designs from a company near Google

+Caleb Garling of the San Francisco Chronicle:

After reporting on a company near Google’s headquarters that’s developing what looks like a flying car or drone, a couple pictures of crafts very similar to the designs from the patents it holds have come to our attention.”

Secret Car Google Greg Espiritu
Credit: Greg Espiritu via

Park it between two cars at a shopping center:

Secret Car Google
Credit: U.S. Patent Office and John Blanchard, The Chronicle

Reporter Garling:

“Some are calling it a flying car – a ‘Jetsons’ mobile.

Powered by?

“A side question for now is where Zee.Aero might get the sort of battery power such a vehicle would need. Electric-car maker Tesla certainly has made waves recently with its willingness to license its technology.”

All my life: a Dick Tracy watch, Bones’s tricorder and a Jetson’s craft.

The perfect tech trifecta.

Why has it taken so long?

Yahoo Plans to Buy Tumblr

May 19, 2013

$1.1 Billion Cash Deal

The New York Times:

If the deal is approved, Ms. Mayer will face the challenge of successfully managing the takeover, given Yahoo’s notorious reputation for paying big money for start-ups and then letting the prizes wither. Previous acquisitions by Yahoo, like the purchase of Flickr for $35 million and a $3.6 billion deal for GeoCities, an early pioneer in social networking, have been either shut down or neglected within the company.

This would be Marissa Mayer’s seventh and largest deal, since leaving Google.

Coffee with Tim Cook

May 15, 2013

Apple CEO Raises $610K in Charity Auction

Eight-six bidders.

One really, snarky tech blog post.

  • Blogger Mike Cassidy … doubt you’ll be invited.

Me? It’s a good cause.

And I’m a well-behaved guest.

Plus, a long relationship with the firm; back to the Apple IIe.

It changed my world: used it to write my master’s thesis.

My shoe on Apple lawn last week

Disclosure: Recently enjoyed lunch at Apple.

But coffee would be great, too.

And, as you can see, I wear shoes.

Great manners, indeed.

Very strong case for coffee with Tim Cook.

More CEOs should do this.


It’s cool.

Cisco: Old Tech, New Tech Leader

May 15, 2013

Big Cisco Earnings Beat

Steve Johnson, San Jose Mercury News:

Although it is Silicon Valley’s fourth-biggest corporation in revenue, it has been financially pressured in recent years by the tepid global economy and growing competition in some of its markets.

Cisco CEO John Chambers:

We are starting to see some good signs in the U.S. and other parts of the world, which are encouraging.

Investors bought the old-tech firm’s earnings report and guidance.


Cisco stock is trading up more than 8 percent:

$CSCO pops in after-hours’s trading

One of world’s largest, established tech firms … sent a strong message.

Silicon Valley-tech remains healthy.

With Cisco providing leadership.

Ford Navigating Data, Privacy, Innovation

May 1, 2013

How data is changing the car game for Ford

Derrick Harris,

Mike Cavaretta, technical leader for predictive analytics and data mining with Ford Research & Innovation, added that Ford is really interested in collecting more data from more vehicles, but noted there’s also a privacy concern that could come into play. The potential of someone knowing where and how you’re driving might not appeal to the mainstream just yet (just look at all that data Tesla collects about its cars and can present if it really wants to), but as with the Energi, data does present some opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Navigating carefully the intersection of big data, privacy, customer satisfaction and innovation.

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