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Air “Bombs”: Gnarly Weather

June 27, 2014

Gnarly Sky Telegraphs Meteorological Air “Bombs.”

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Mammatus Virga Colorado T-Storm

Gnarly Virga – Mammatus under T-Storm: Windy Downbursts

Gnarly sky under a T-storm.

Rain evaporating in dry air on the way down.

Dramatic, ragged cloud structures.

Potentially dangerous.

Violent wind “air bombs,” gusty downbursts up to 60mph or more possible.

Another view:

Inverted Mammatus Virga J

“Inverted” view Virga – Mammatus Wind Downburst

Same pic using photoshop feature “inverted.”

No rain.

But evaporating rain on the way down rocked my house, like an air bomb.

Airplane travel impacted into Denver International Airport, where a Severe Weather Warning was issued by the National Weather Service.

Air “bombs” – downbursts – are both gnarly and dangerous.

A sight to see.

And feel.

Blown away.

So, now: seeing is knowing.

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El Reno Tornado Widest in History

June 4, 2013

Tornado Declared an EF-5

Source: @NWSNorman

The twister’s historic power and erratic path left people in vehicles little to no chance of survival.

Especially storm chasers, (watch):

The tornado was 2.6 miles wide, on the ground for 40 minutes and delivered winds exceeding 250 mph, per The National Weather Service.

Storm chasers, even the “experts,” became part of history.

Source: KFOR-TV


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