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Air “Bombs”: Gnarly Weather

June 27, 2014

Gnarly Sky Telegraphs Meteorological Air “Bombs.”

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Mammatus Virga Colorado T-Storm

Gnarly Virga – Mammatus under T-Storm: Windy Downbursts

Gnarly sky under a T-storm.

Rain evaporating in dry air on the way down.

Dramatic, ragged cloud structures.

Potentially dangerous.

Violent wind “air bombs,” gusty downbursts up to 60mph or more possible.

Another view:

Inverted Mammatus Virga J

“Inverted” view Virga – Mammatus Wind Downburst

Same pic using photoshop feature “inverted.”

No rain.

But evaporating rain on the way down rocked my house, like an air bomb.

Airplane travel impacted into Denver International Airport, where a Severe Weather Warning was issued by the National Weather Service.

Air “bombs” – downbursts – are both gnarly and dangerous.

A sight to see.

And feel.

Blown away.

So, now: seeing is knowing.

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San Francisco “Cool”

May 15, 2014

Bay Area Regains “Cool” After May Heat Wave

A familiar sight returned to San Francisco. Fog:

Fog San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Heat Wave

Golden Gate Bridge. Source: @NWSBayArea

Fog found its way over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Before bumping into warmer air.

Southern California, however, continued to bake and burn.

Multiple smoke plumes from San Diego Co. fires were visible on radar:

Fires San Diego Co. Radar Smoke Plumes

Smoke plumes visible on radar. Source: NWS/NOAA

Some 16,000 new evacuations orders were issued today.

Southern California is baking in early May heat.

And burning.

San Francisco enjoyed cool relief.

Its heat wave broken.

But cool remains elusive for thousands impacted by fires to the south.

SoCal’s heat wave may not break until the weekend.



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Is Spring Broken?

March 18, 2014

On Calendars, Spring Arrives Thursday

Thursday, the start of spring, is the Vernal Equinox:

Vernal Equinox

Source: KUSA-TV, Denver, Colo.

Days and nights are approximately equal.

America’s weather will be far from balanced, however, per NOAA:

Cold Weather Spring

More cold weather next week. Source: NWS/NOAA

More than half the nation may shiver in below-average temperatures next week.

Weather that is far from spring-like:

Spring Precipitation

Above-average precipitation in “green.” Source: NWS/NOAA

Much-needed precipitation is forecast for northern California.

But not the drought-hit central and southern parts of the state.

A lot of key American crops will remain impacted.

Expect higher prices at grocery stores, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Spawning salmon trying to travel dry waterways are affected, too.

As is West Coast recreational and sports salmon fishing.

Look, winter’s already been too long for many.

Social media is full of “fed up”:

Twitter Tired of Winter Wants Spring

Wall Street trader Scott Redler. Source: Twitter

For many, Thursday will be spring on a calendar, only.

In real life, all bundled up, you may be thinking one thing.

Spring has a reputation problem.

Spring is broken.

“It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want—oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!”

― Mark Twain


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The “Defense” Sector: Wall Street doesn’t Understand You

February 5, 2009

Is it time for a “Science and Environment” sector?

Earth Space ScienceWall Street does not understand America’s so-called “Defense” sector. That’s a problem, especially with a new economic plan coming.

Here’s the issue: Wall Street lumps firms such as Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), Northrup Grumman (NYSE: NOC) and Raytheon (NYSE: RTN) into two words: Defense sector. The business media, including CNBC and CNN, adopt the lingo. Yet, these firms are far bigger than a two-word, Wall Street label. They do so much more. They pioneer programs benefiting earth and space science, information technology, energy and the environment. They are the stuff of “gee-whiz” value.

So, in a nutshell, this is a leadership moment. It is a time to revisit your “positioning” and reputation management. When your company is unable to position itself appropriately, it may fail a brand “promise.” Failed brand promises can risk damaging relationships. With customers and employees. Why? For one reason, we may not fully understand you. Can I connect in a meaningful way with a company boxed in by narrow Wall Street jargon? Answer: I may not connect, and I may not invest. Plus, jargon is a difficult cage to be trapped in — especially when it does not capture the true role these “Defense” firms bring society. And, really, jargon is difficult to like. Jargon is useful for insiders, but a burden to the rest of us. A put off. Wall Street’s “Defense”-sector jargon is like walking into a brick wall. That’s a bump in the face no one needs. I say, “Wall Street…take down that brick wall.” Re-position how these firms are “labeled-sectored.” Question: “Is your company positioned to attract the greatest value?”


The Benefits of Leadership: Attracting Good Press

October 22, 2006

Leadership Stimulates the National Climate Agenda

Choosing a leadership position on an issue of societal importance has important benefits. Witness the dialogue stimulated and coverage earned by California’s position on greenhouse gas pollution. Being a leader is not easy. There are inherent risks. Why not just play it safe? Yet, I believe people are hungry for leaders, and they are looking to you, the CEO, to be one.

Strategically, leaders stand out, attracting attention, stimulating dialogue and getting involved in shaping the public agenda.  Tactically, leaders earn support, admiration and media coverage. Successful leaders, like Pacific Gas and Electric’s Peter Darbee, can seemingly come into the public eye from nowhere.  Rest assured, their conviction is not a path easily chosen. In full openness, I provide consulting services to support one of the company’s initiatives.

Question: Are you missing a leadership opportunity?

I continue to find leadership refreshing and more strategically sound than “followership.”

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