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San Francisco “Cool”

May 15, 2014

Bay Area Regains “Cool” After May Heat Wave

A familiar sight returned to San Francisco. Fog:

Fog San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Heat Wave

Golden Gate Bridge. Source: @NWSBayArea

Fog found its way over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Before bumping into warmer air.

Southern California, however, continued to bake and burn.

Multiple smoke plumes from San Diego Co. fires were visible on radar:

Fires San Diego Co. Radar Smoke Plumes

Smoke plumes visible on radar. Source: NWS/NOAA

Some 16,000 new evacuations orders were issued today.

Southern California is baking in early May heat.

And burning.

San Francisco enjoyed cool relief.

Its heat wave broken.

But cool remains elusive for thousands impacted by fires to the south.

SoCal’s heat wave may not break until the weekend.



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Bordeaux Breakup: Château Latour 2012 Not for Sale

April 13, 2013

Revered French Winery Breaks With a Bordeaux Tradition

Eric Pfanner, The New York Times:

In some other wine regions, like Champagne … producers keep the wine in their cellars until it is mature — so why not Bordeaux.

So, just like French bubbly, 2012 Château Latour is playing hard-to-get:

Latour, one of the five so-called first growths of Bordeaux — the top wines in an official classification that dates back to 1855 — is coveted like few other wines.

These are more than just wines. They are big business investments, too.

Don’t want to wait for Latour? Go for a Napa, Calif., cabernet.

World class. Without international waiting games.

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