A Quick Take:

The business of strategic communications in a new media world: 5,000 interviews, appearances on all print, electronic, trade and online media worldwide. Obsessed with reputation leadership, quality and customer service. Award-winning strategic communications, media relations, consulting, crisis management and 24/7 business talent. Startup energy. World-class networks working harder for you. Now.

Some Narrative:

Someone at a University asked me if it was possible to teach a person everything I know about my profession. Well, even if I could do a Vulcan mind-meld and download my knowledge, skills and training, the answer is, “No.” You’d miss out on what I have gained from experiencing and through relationships. That said, my blog is a way to let you experience my thinking. I’m letting you interact with some 20-plus years of learning.

Unique Experience:

I’m wired to help companies, executives, employees and entrepreneurs succeed. I bring a lot to any table, and am proud of my unique combination of experiences and achievements:

  • Flown with the Air Force Thunderbirds and Rapid Deployment Force,
  • Appeared in a Sean Connery movie,
  • Anchored and reported as a multi-media journalist at network-affiliated TV stations in Illinois, Michigan and New Mexico,
  • Managed newsrooms, websites, nationally-honored marketing campaigns,  vendors and productivity initiatives,
  • Completed a Fellowship at Los Alamos National Laboratory,
  • Earned a  Master’s degree under a Manhattan Project pioneer/physicist,
  • Judged State Fair wine contests and Healthcare Awards events,
  • Worked for Fortune-500 firms, government agencies and started my own company,
  • Served as official U.S. spokesperson on highly-visible issues ranging from the end of the Cold War, global nuclear safety and national security, Star Wars, the Human Genome Project and cybersecurity to the Columbine incident, professional athletes, and aspects of the Space Shuttle Challenger event,
  • Trained astronauts, Presidential appointees, elected officials, city, state, regulatory and federal leaders, physicians and CEOs for reputation-defining moments and public appearances, sometimes involving classified information,
  • Named a founding member of a national Internet Advisory Board, pioneering online strategies and applications for online healthcare,
  • Served on the Board of the Friends of Bandelier National Monument,
  • Volunteering as a trained NOAA-NWS weather spotter,
  • Blogged before there was a public Internet, and
  • Appeared on the ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, PBS, and BBC networks, and in print, electronic and new media worldwide, including The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, TIME, USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and more.

Find my background here. I admire Steve Jobs, Steve Howe, Don Kerr, Stephanie Abrams, Bill Peter, family friend Harrison “Jack” Schmitt – also here.

To relax, I build, code and write websites and blogs, (sometimes within the boundaries of templates). I’m an early adopter: “There are only good questions.” I have a skill for research, swiftly identifying patterns and trends, and synthesizing key findings into impactful communications. Building and coaching high-performing team are passions. Sharing my expertise is invigorating. For example, I can “do” a press conference for you…or train you and your staff to excel at it, too. I enjoy skiing, sports, fishing, meteorology, nuclear science and family. I answer my e-mails, so I look forward to hearing from you. So, what can I help with?

“I was born not knowing and have only had a little time to change that here and there.”
Richard Feynman, U.S. physicist, educator and Nobel Laureate




2 Responses to “About”

  1. Brian Pike Says:

    Long time…. How are you? I was thinking about the budget review team you had me help with at the end of EG&G (the good old days) and thought I would look you up.

    I hope all is well!

    Brian Pike

    • Jeff Schwartz Says:

      Great hearing from you, Brian! If you’re in Colorado, drop me an e-mail. Jeff

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