How to Unplug

It’s National Day of Unplugging 2014

Technology can help you “honor” this day.

Julie Balise of The Tech Chronicles says there are apps for that.

She features 10 of them.

They range from “Anti-Social” to “Detox”:

“Like the range of unplugging they provide, these apps require various levels of commitment. One won’t let you use your phone again until the pre-set unplugging time is over. Others are more forgiving.”

Editor’s Note:

iPad Mini. It’s unplugged. Really.

I’m totally unplugged. In fact:

  • This prewritten post was in a queue.
  • Really.
  • I’m only carrying an iPad Mini for the companionship.
  • Fits nicely in my back pocket.
  • But it’s not on.
  • Really.
  • It’s just…”with” me.
  • So, I’m unplugged.
  • Call it concealed carrying.

Are you unplugged today?

Can you?


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