Google’s Secret Flying Car?

Photos emerge of strange aircraft, similar to designs from a company near Google

+Caleb Garling of the San Francisco Chronicle:

After reporting on a company near Google’s headquarters that’s developing what looks like a flying car or drone, a couple pictures of crafts very similar to the designs from the patents it holds have come to our attention.”

Secret Car Google Greg Espiritu
Credit: Greg Espiritu via

Park it between two cars at a shopping center:

Secret Car Google
Credit: U.S. Patent Office and John Blanchard, The Chronicle

Reporter Garling:

“Some are calling it a flying car – a ‘Jetsons’ mobile.

Powered by?

“A side question for now is where Zee.Aero might get the sort of battery power such a vehicle would need. Electric-car maker Tesla certainly has made waves recently with its willingness to license its technology.”

All my life: a Dick Tracy watch, Bones’s tricorder and a Jetson’s craft.

The perfect tech trifecta.

Why has it taken so long?


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