Feds Target Associated Press

Two Months of AP Reporter and Editor Records

AP calls move a “massive and unprecedented intrusion”:

Prosecutors have sought phone records from reporters before, but the seizure of records from such a wide array of AP offices, including general AP switchboards numbers and an office-wide shared fax line, is unusual and largely unprecedented.

Home phones, cell phones included, according to The NYT’s Charlies Savage and Leslie Kaufman.

It said the records were seized without notice sometime this year.

Such dramatic action by the U.S. government vs. the Fourth Estate could, ultimately, raise constitutional questions.

Is this about journalism, leaks, national defense, a potential crime?

Not clear.

But this story is clearly more than a one-day wonder. It has legs.

Not long ago, a fake tweet from a hacked AP crashed the U.S. stock market, costing investors many millions of dollars.

Doesn’t seem to AP’s year.


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