Facebook Home: Three More Things to Worry About

“We’re finally going to talk about that Facebook phone”

CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s unveiling of Facebook Home worries Om Malik:

It is time to ask for simple, granular and easy to understand privacy and data collection policies from Facebook, especially for mobile. We need to ask our … representatives to understand that Facebook wants to go from our desktops and browsers right into our home — the place where we need to be private.

The announcement provides three more reasons to worry about Facebook:

  1. Zuckerberg grinds forward like a fly that won’t go away. Dogged iteration is both bothersome and inspiring. His professional growth is noteworthy.
  2. Facebook Home allows even deeper data-dives into the private parts of your online shorts and knickers than ever before.
  3. Only your okay stands between Facebook’s and Zuckerberg’s plan. And you’ll probably buckle.

Bottom Line:
We give Facebook content for free … because we all want Facebook to scrape more of our data … to achieve its strategies.


Facebook stock finished more than 3 percent higher on the news.

Wall Street liked the announcement.

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