12 Leadership Lessons of “The Drive”

Tips to Lead Your Team to Business Success

Twenty-five years ago, a young Denver Bronco quarterback named John Elway demonstrated a set of historic leadership lessons.

The lessons, now older than current Bronco phenom Tim Tebow, could help you as a CEO reach your business goals or provide a real-world example to your team. They stand the test of time.

Quarterback Elway guided his team on an improbable 98-yard drive to tie the Cleveland Browns in the AFC Championship Game with only seconds left to play. His team would go on to win the contest over the then-stunned Browns on a field goal in overtime.

Video documents the extraordinary event known as, “The Drive.” Watch some great leadership:

The Drive: John Elway

Over 15 plays and 5 minutes and 2 seconds, “The Drive” featured:

  • A clear vision
  • An audacious goal
  • An unequivocal deadline
  • The right talent on the Denver bus
  • Inspiration from the leader and from within the team
  • Team members who understood their roles
  • Clear communications
  • Great tactical execution
  • Stops, starts and learning along the way
  • No quit Success
  • Celebration

We’ve all been a member of a high-performing team.

Lessons from “The Drive” of 1987 can boost your team’s performance today.


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