If I Ran Your Newsroom…

Social Media, Journalism and Engaging Business Communications

An international media network recently surveyed me, seeking advice for improving how its newsrooms and journalists around the world engage with their audiences on social media.

One tip I offered:

  • Engage with followers vs. broadcasting to them. More social media tools exist than ever to join an ongoing, online conversation. Get in there. Participate. Build stronger relationships, increase loyalty and be the go-to resource. The ROI? Trust, credibility and viewership can be measured. Plus, it’s good for business and fun.

Bottom Line:
Viewers / readers desire to know you, as they seek news and information.

Engage with us, share and reveal yourself and your day.

Market leaders are engaging. Social media leadership reinforces your reputation, as it  improves the “customer” experience.

    Think of it this way:
    When you tweet us back – even “RT thanks” – it’s like getting an autograph or shaking hands.


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