Tree Talk: They Know “Next”

A “Natural” Communication Style

Trees talk. The blazing red of my Maple on this fall day is a tree “shouting.” All summer, its leaves are food factories. The leaves turn water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugar – with the help of sunlight. That process is called photosynthesis. A chemical called chlorophyll helps photosynthesis. Chlorophyll makes leaves green. In summer, my Maple leaves are green.

Trees Talk of the Future

Read the Leaves

Then summer ends. Autumn arrives.

Days are shorter, cooler, with less sunlight.

Leaves stop making food.

The glucose of summer is stuck inside them.

The trapped glucose turns a glorious red.

So, the red leaves are really the “voice” of my tree. They speak loudly of a new season, winter, ahead.

My Maple knows this. The tree is ready to rest. Its fall color is a tell. The tree is prepared for “next.” It is wise. Don’t believe me or it? Check with the National Weather Service. Its latest forecast calls for up to eight inches of snow this week.

Want a glimpse of the future? Well, trees feature a natural communications style. Listen to trees. Read the leaves. Spot, “Next.”


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