Mine That Bird’s Stunning Victory: This Generation’s Seabiscuit

Will Unlikely Kentucky Derby Winner Help Stimulate an Economic Rally?

Mine That BirdU.S. business, if you don’t know the story of Seabiscuit, you should. In fact, make it your business to learn. Because the story of how a single athlete energized a country reeling in a Great Depression may be the lesson for Wall Street in Mine That Bird’s underdog, dramatic victory in the 2009 Kentucky Derby. In short, can history repeat itself?

From an unremarkable beginning, Seabiscuit proved an improbable champion, serving as a symbol of hope during America’s Great Depression. A powerful, compelling figure. Rallying sports fans, yes, but also families and a nation, alike. Touching generations to come, including my grandfather, who went on to raise horses. It was not surprising that Laura Hillenbrand’s book, “Seabiscuit: An American Legend,” also a hit movie, touched new generations decades later.

Today, the world is mired in recession. Economists look for signs of a recovery. Wall Street traders, enjoying a spring rally, ask, “What would ignite a summer rally?”

Could a remarkable underdog story, a horse named Mine That Bird, who beat 50-to-1 odds, be that catalyst needed to spark our economic engine? Or at least carry part of the torch, emerging as a rallying symbol like Seabiscuit, along the way?

History provides lessons. Leaders see opportunities. Entrepreneurs turn passion into realized ideas such as the iPhone. It only takes one spark to light a fire.

Mine That Bird provided a spark for the ages. Did you catch the moment?

And is it something we can rally around? Don’t bet against it.


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