The Twitter Virus…not “That” One

Twitter is “Blogging for the Rest of Us”

Twitter announced it successfully defended itself against four waves of recent computer-attacks. A malicious worm tangled with the popular Social Marketing site…and lost. And, “No,” that is not a reference to the Brooklyn teenager allegedly behind the technical shenanigans that posed significant, potential damage to the reputation of this growing technology firm.

It’s also not the Twitter virus I planned to focus on. But breaking news happens, so I will use it to bridge to something your CEO may ask you…and something you should be ready to answer quite quickly. Question: “So, has Twitter really caught on, in a good, ‘viral-marketing’ way and can it help our firm?”

The short answer is, “Yes.” Twitter can help your firm in ways still evolving, but certainly to include customer service, project management, employee communications, public relations and reputation leadership.

As with any new tool, Twitter is generating a cottage-industry of new acronyms, jargon and geek-speak (I say that with admiration). This article explains some of the tool’s new language and ways, and does so in a gentle manner all of us can understand.

Don’t let the jargon distract you.

Here’s the bottom line: Twitter is “blogging for the rest of us.”

What you are reading right now is called blogging. If you were on Twitter, you’d get this same “bottom line,” but in 140 characters or less. My “message” would be brief, right to the point.

In a future blog, I’ll suggest what I think are some of the immediate benefits of using Twitter for your company, whether you work for Wall Street, TV, a Fortune-500 firm or a small business. The business media are all over the company, including speculation on on its future; not a bad thing to attract attention because of your growing popularity.

Well…come to think of it…I’m already pointing out practical uses right now.

“Follow” me on Twitter to see. You can get my thinking seconds after I type. I’m found at SchwartzNow. My most recent thoughts are also on the right side of this blog.

Look, call it a micro-blog, “blogging for the rest of us” or Social Marketing. But Twitter is fast, easy to learn, and, right now, it’s free.

So take a few minutes, sign up, pick a user name and try it…before your CEO does.


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