“Your City’s Reputation – Plugged In?”

Your City, Your Community, Your Reputation

City's Reputation, Your Reputation$122-billion a year. If your city competes well for the lucrative convention business, the economic impacts are important to you, too. To both your business and brand. In many ways, a city’s image and reputation “rubs off.”

Put another way, you are still known by the company you keep. That is why successful, healthy cities are not just of interest to Public, Economic Development and Investor Relations departments. They are critical to your Community Relations strategy. Baltimore has jumped into the high-stakes battle for convention business…and businesses are involved.

Question: Do you know how active you and your employees are in your Chamber(s) of Commerce and city affairs and community organizations?


Develop a Stakeholder Relations plan that audits your existing relationships, compares them to your desired relationships…and then couples the natural interests of your employees with the business goals of your firm and needs of your community.

Tactic: Implement your Stakeholder Relations plan through a volunteer Community Team. The Hawthorne Effect goes to work for you. Then have your Community Team brief your boss on your firm’s success.

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