Grow Your Online IQ: New Ad Strategies Emerge

The Case for an Online Advertising Strategy

How do you spot a trend? Research the leaders. Anheuser-Busch adjusted its advertising strategies. The firm is known for memorable network-TV ads. Yet, it is moving ad spending from prime time network TV into the Internet and cable. The reason? Company research spotted a trend: behavior changes by its viewers.

Questions: When is the last time you had time to read a newspaper from start to finish…or sat through your favorite TV shows’ ads? Did you know that ad space on some of the larger web sites is sold out?

Strategy: Develop an Online Marketing Communications Plan that achieves your business objectives and bonds your brand, products and services with potential customers in measurable ways. This is more than a marketing buy. This is about targeted relationships and purchasing patterns. It’s about reaching your customers, where “they” are.   

Tactic: Direct your Public Affairs, Media Relations or Communications Department to contact Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN directly (and any specialty web sites if you are in a segmented, niche line of business), and have them pitch you on an Online Media Buy. Skip your media buyer for now (and save the 15 percent fee). The research, alone, will raise your firm’s Online IQ. Ask those involved to brief marketing, sales and senior management on their findings. 

My prediction: You will change swiftly your ad footprint — and decide that more, less-costly Public and Stakeholder Relationships tactics are smarter than yet another billboard at $4.8K a month. Your improved “Online IQ” will make the case.  

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